Our new series of networking events has drawn to a close with the end of the academic year. We held 8 networking events including our Mini Academic Poster Exhibition in December, followed by another 10 networking events in Semester 2 including the Transmedia exhibition (May 12th), and culminating with the Think~Design~Create Sustainable Living Challenge workshops in May. The list of events can be found on this link for more information: http://cedi.uk/knowledge-exchange/networking-maker-days/

Our students did a superb job of putting together their end of year exhibition ‘Transmedia 2022 & Pitch your Project’, a very successful event and the first in-person exhibition since 2019 and the first in our new building. The buzz in the Collaborative Space and DM Studio was wonderful to be part of.

Our winners for Pitch your Project were:

· Best Pitch – Alex Pritchett with ‘Protectorch’
· Most Commercially Viable – Lucy Hopkins with ‘Community Canvas’
Other Mentions: Michael Foster Reed with ‘Holo Games’ & Luke Allisstone with ‘STiTCH.LDN’
Our winners for the Exhibition awards were:
· Best Virtual Exhibit – Book & Pen Team (Meadow Dallimore, Tomas Dulkys, Danny Lee, George Craggs, Eden Smithbury & Amber Jones)
· Most Interactive Exhibit – Q Cards Team (Keira Geary, Ian Davey, Willow Dallimore, James Clarke, Xander Neale & Kirsty Vega)
· Most Popular Exhibit – Cluedo Team (Kevin Taylor, Amy Sanchez, Emily Baker, Michael Webb & Oliver Cavalheiro-Schofield)
We would also like to thank our Pitch your Project Judging Panel for giving their time and expertise in providing each of the 3rdyears who pitched, feedback on their business ideas. The panel consisted of:
· Josh Armstrong – Enterprise Officer (Students and Staff) | University of Winchester, Careers & Opportunities Hub
· Anya Jessop (Alumni 2018) – Senior Product Manager at EE, currently involved in the design and delivery of ‘My EE’ mobile app, and mentor for three of our students.
· Aarul Malaviya (Alumni 2016) – Founder/Director of Mash Virtual delivering Mobile SAAS apps, games for Entertainment, Education & Edutainment through new technologies like AR/VR/MR.
· Woody Reeves (Alumni 2016) – UX Consultant with EV Financial Solutions who ‘helps start-ups through to global powerhouses convert users into customers through engaging and disruptive design work.’
Our first End of Year BBQ (21st May) for a long time went really well with most of the 3rd year, several of the 2nd year and MA students turning up to a sunny afternoon chilling and chatting.
The same set of events (and more!) will be happening in 2022-2023 with a new set of networking sessions starting late September for the new academic year, information about the weekly events will be posted nearer the time.