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Through Networking events and Maker Days, CEDI is able to:

  • support local creative/digital businesses to develop and scale-up
  • support local enterprise and entrepreneurship activities/start-ups
  • support students in gaining employability skillse
  • enhance the brand of the University of Winchester
  • develop significant KE capabilities in digital creativity, design & innovation

Once we are settled in the new building within the Dept. Of Digital Technologies floor, CEDI, with students from Dept. of Digital Technologies will be holding a series of networking events during Friday afternoons where local digital and architectural agencies are welcome to come along and meet with the students. Students and industry will be invited to demonstrate/present projects or problems which can be discussed over refreshments and general chat. This is aimed at building collaboration and connection between industry and students. Exact times and dates to be confirmed.

The Digital Media and CAD students will also be putting on Hack Days in the coming academic year which will be open to other University students and schools/colleges. There is also their annual Transmedia Exhibition and Pitch your Project event which encourages networking with industry, prospective students, staff and local schools and colleges. Our 2020exhibition had to be postponed due to the shut down of socialising made necessary by the Coronavirus Pandemic, 2021 exhibition has therefore been designed to be online, a virtual exhibition where visitors will be able to roam around a virtual mock-up of our Design Studio and Collaborative Space to view student’s work and click through to their individual portfolios. The 2021 Transmedia Exhibition and Pitch your Project event will be available from the 6th May 2021, and will remain as a permanent exhibition on our Digital Media website.

Centre members have organised knowledge exchange conferences and workshops for businesses, including:

  • Digital Media students organise the annual Transmedia Exhibition demonstrating digital design and technology to invited industry guests. This has been running for 10 years and from 2020 will be held in the new Collaborative Space and Digital Design Studio at West Downs Centre.
  • Winchester Business School has for a number of years run an Enterprise Network, hosting talks and workshops from a range of innovation-related speakers for local businesses.

We are currently working with Basingstoke City Council and Queen Mary College, Basingstoke to support Maker Club Saturdays, some of which may be held in the new building’s Collaborative Space.

In October 2021, the new Winchester Design Festival (half term week) will take place, in which there will be further opportunities for networking, hack/maker sessions. Please the News for more information regarding this event.

In the Spring of 2022, we also have the Learning and Teaching funded ‘THINK~DESIGN~CREATE Sustainable Living Challenge’, a set of 4 Saturday workshops in which participants will be able to develop an understanding of living more sustainably within their community. The Sustainable Living Challenge aims to bring people together to generate ideas through problem solving and collaboration. It will also provide opportunities to learn from each other and how to work with other disciplines, ages and skillsets. They will do this by: 

  • designing a product, game, device, educational kit or app to support or encourage others to live more sustainably
  • re-thinking and re-designing processes to be more sustainable

The potential benefits include:

  • Participants will benefit by addition to/enhancement of skillsets, engagement with industry and others from across the University and invited Colleges, and a deeper understanding of the SD11 goals.
  • Widening participation using the new collaborative space and highlighting the facilities available at the University’s new building
  • Wider use and understanding of Collaborative Project Based Peer Learning (CPBPL)
  • Dissemination of the use of Design Thinking in CPBPL and Sustainable Living Challenges
  • Taking forward possible prototypes (RSA Awards/BIMA)

Networking Events

We will list the range of Networking events here once we are free of Covid Pandemic Lockdown measures. We aim to put on at least monthly events for students, staff and industry to get together, demonstrate technology, different projects being worked on and different talks from various design disciplines.

Maker Days & Hack Days

Similar to Networking Events, the Hack Days and Maker Days will resume once we are free of social distancing restrictions in regards to the Covid Pandemic. We aim for these events to happen throughout the academic year. They will be open to schools, colleges and industry. Themes and projects can be brought in by industry or individuals.