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Virtual, Mixed & Augmented Reality

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Virtual, Mixed & Augmented Reality – Workshops, Demonstrations, Research and Case Studies:

CEDI has been building interest amongst staff, students and external companies in the use of Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Augmented Reality (AR) for educational, information and commercial applications.  

Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Exchange:

Through CEDI’s VR facilities, Students, start-up Enterprises and creative Businesses can explore the expanding VR Universe, gaining the knowledge, insight and experience to enable:

  • Creation – developing digital assets and objects for art, marketing, social or business needs
  • Training – practice interviews, presentations and speeches in VR Apps
  • Collaboration – working together in live VR team environments
  • Learning – using services such as Engage ito deliver teaching and training workshops
  • Entrepreneurship – identifying real market opportunities within virtual worlds 
  • Networking – connecting students, staff, small businesses and creative enterprises

CEDI aims to enhance digital literacy skills, knowledge and confidence levels throughout its network, providing an insight into a new ‘virtual world’ to inspire innovation, design thinking and digital creativity and to support entrepreneurship.

Oculus Quest Workshops
VR & MR Demonstrations
Research & Case Studies

Workshops have taken place with staff and students across campus throughout the 2019-20 academic year by Dr John Richardson. The primary purpose was to spark the curiosity and imagination of users to find answers to the question: ‘how could we use this Virtual world to enhance our teaching and learning? These workshops are due to continue once the COVID pandemic restrictions have been lifted.

Kerry Steele-Jones and Samuel Barker have led various demonstrations of the VR and MR headsets: HTC Vive (VR), Oculus Rift (VR), Samsung Gear (VR) and Hololens (MR) at different events over the last 5+ years. Our aim is to continue to demonstrate our VR and MR headsets to schools, colleges, networking events and at DMD’s End of Year exhibition ‘Transmedia’.  

Paul Wilson and Kerry Steele-Jones are focusing on AR for educational and commercial use in their PhD studies. Dr John Richardson continues to research the use of the Oculus Quest for enhancing teaching and learning. Dr Debs Wilson continues to develop heritage environments for use in VR, MR and AR for cultural heritage tourism. 

Book a Demonstration

Demonstrations Available: 

Oculus Quest Workshops: Please contact Dr John Richardson if you would like to take part in an Oculus Quest Workshop.

CEDI Innovation Lab: Demonstrations of the equipment are available for SME’s and organisations on an individual basis. Please contact either Dr John Richardson or Dr Debs Wilson for more information and availability.

Network Events: We will be putting on a series of networking events in the coming academic year, generally on a Friday afternoon. Please contact Dr Debs Wilson for more information.

Transmedia Exhibition: Generally during the Transmedia Exhibition, there are demonstrations of the VR/MR/AR equipment for anyone who attends the Exhibition. Unfortunately, due to the COVID pandemic, the Transmedia Exhibition has needed to be a virtual online exhibition. It is hoped that this will take place for people to physically attend, in the Digital Futures building, in April 2022.