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Higher Education Innovation Funding (HEIF) support has been used to develop a physical space for CEDI – the Digital Innovation Lab. This is the focal point for all CEDI Knowledge Exchange activities with enterprises in the creative digital economy through direct contact or collaborative projects such as: 

  • Design, Creative & Makerspace networks 
  • ERDF/Enterprise M3 LEP Low Carbon Innovation Programme
  • ERDF/Solent LEP Low Carbon Innovation Programme 
  • Enterprise Educators Network
  • VR Developer Networks
  • 3D Printing Provider/Developer Networks
  • Digital Design Services such as Sketchfab 

The Digital Innovation Lab has been supported by the University of Winchester, HIEF and the Intellecual Property Office (IPO).

CEDI Sketchfab

Our CEDI Sketchfab library is a growing library of 3D assets created by students and staff at the University. They will range from character designs through to game assets, product design and exhibition design.


iPcreate Diagnostic

Intellectual Property assessment, delivered by students in support of local creative businesses.


Innovation development and Management support, delivered by students in support of local creative businesses.

3D Printers & Laser Scanner

To support engagement with local creative businesses in prototype development.


VR/AR Suite:

VR/AR headsets, 360 cameras, high-end PC’s, prototyping software & programming tools

To support engagement with creative businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Business Diagnostics:

Social Media Optimisation, Website Analytics, Digital Technologies, New Product Assessment, Business Modelling.

Student delivered engagement projects to assess and benchmark business performance in key operating areas.

Enterprise M3 Innovation Support Programme: EMphasis3 CO2 Reductions (EMphasis3) is an ERDF funded SME support project. It combines the expertise and experience of the University of Portsmouth – lead partner, the University of Winchester and the cleantech cluster, Greentech South.

SMEs can access:

  • Free energy efficiency audits
  • Research and innovation grants
  • Innovation and networking events and engagement with local institutions

Enterprise M3 Low Carbon Programme: Low Carbon Solent is an SME support project. It combines the knowledge and expertise of the University of Portsmouth – lead partner, the University of Winchester and the cleantech cluster, Greentech South. Through this project, SMEs can access postgraduate student projects, and innovation support and networking events.

Through this project SMES can access:

  • Business Support  
  • Access to Postgraduate Student Projects 
  • Innovation and networking events and engagement with local institutions

Business Diagnostics: delivered by the CEDI Student Consultancy Team to support creative businesses

CEDI has developed a variety of business diagnostics with funding support by both the IPO and HEIF. The diagnostics are delivered remotely by the CEDI student team, with mentoring and training provided by the CEDI team. Current Diagnositcs include:

  • Intellectual Property Review
  • Social Media Optimisation
  • Website Analytics
  • Digital Technologies Analysis
  • New Product Assessment
  • Business Modelling